Frederic Louarn

Frederic Louarn

Principal Engineer

engineer, innovator, high performance, wind energy, wave energy, composites materials, America’s cup

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As STRUCTeam’s principal engineer, Frederic takes the technical lead on many of our high-profile projects across all industry sectors, with a particular focus on the renewables and marine sectors.


Frederic brings over fifteen years of experience in the advanced structural engineering of racing yachts, and is responsible for developing and broadening our technical capabilities. Before joining STRUCTeam in 2010, he worked with marine architects and yacht designers to develop composites solutions for a wide range of high performance vessels. Many of Frederic’s designs have been incorporated into award-winning yachts.


With a PhD and MSc from the University of Southampton, Frederic’s research area was the hydroelasticity of sailing yachts in waves.


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