Rolf Dothagen

Rolf Dothagen

Non-executive Director

strategist, mentor, innovator, entrepreneur, composites, carbon fibre

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Rolf’s role is strategic and advisory, with additional responsibilities for business development and entrepreneurship. His vision of how the composites industry should be shaped in the future is invaluable for our business.


Before co-founding STRUCTeam with Julien and Radek in 2010, Rolf had spent 20 years at the forefront of the carbon fibre prepreg industry. In 1995, he founded the successful prepregging and textile conversion company Epo GmbH, then selling the business to SGL in 2007. In addition to his non-executive role with STRUCTeam, Rolf is also the Managing Director of CMP, a carbon fibre prepreg manufacturer for the automotive and aerospace industries.


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