Wind Blade Manufacture 2018

Pultrusions for Blade Spar Caps – an assessment of the Business Case and Challenges.

Advanced Engineering 

Pultruded Components for Blade Sparcaps – An assessment on business cases and technical challenges.

Dimond Bike Frame 

STRUCteam and Ruster Sports optimisation of the new Dimond bike frame.

World Pultrusion Conference

Review of the overall cost savings achievable for all Business Cases with pultruded sparcaps.

Composites in Building & Infrastructure

Developing a lightweight, low cost, foot-bridge application with a competitive finance solution.

Composites in Construction 

Identifying the barriers and opportunities to the adoption of advanced materials in construction.

GoCarbonFibre PULLWind

The growth of carbon fibre in the wind energy sector.

Media Enquiries

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