Being the only one of its kind. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled.

What makes us different?


Our independence, focus on client service, passion, transparency and creativity make us different, providing your business with expert management and technology consultancy services. Composites are at the heart of our business and we will support you in making the right choices for your business by applying our expertise and know-how. There are six reasons why we are different. It will come as no surprise that what makes us different corresponds exactly to our core values:


1. Independent

Being independent means your business needs are our priority. We are technology agnostic, are privately owned and are not tied-in to any other companies or solutions. That means we are free to develop composites solutions from our extensive network within the entire supply chain that allow you to make the best choices for your business. Our independence enables us to provide you with a much broader range of composites designs, materials, processes and applications.


2. Client focused

To us, client focus means proactive partnering, commitment, knowledge sharing and presenting your options accessibly, regardless of your level of composites expertise. We work with you to develop your solution, facilitating composites knowledge transfer. And we don’t just provide you with consulting resources: we are a self-managing partner who takes active responsibility for our part of your project.


3. Creative and adaptive

We are creative and adaptive when you need us to be, challenging norms when there is a benefit and developing innovative composites solutions to your unconventional challenges. When you need industry standard and conventional solutions we can deliver those too, and with a safe pair of hands. Although we’ll still keep our creative hats on in case we can spot an opportunity that can benefit your project.


4. Passionate

Our business is passionate about composites in every way, focusing on how we can use composites materials, technologies, processes and applications to grow your business. And our company is underpinned by the passion of our team: everyone in STRUCTeam’s multidisciplinary team is a focused composites expert. This passion translates into our commitment to your project, and is reflected by our deep and broad knowledge of the composites product lifecycle and the entire composites supply chain.


5. Scalable

With a passionate and expert in-house team and an extensive network of partners within the global composites sector who can be trusted to deliver, our services are uniquely scalable. No matter how modest, major or complex, we can scale up or down to meet your composites needs by creating a project team that features the best of our in-house expertise, trusted consultants and supply chain partners.


6. Honest and transparent

Right from the start, we are up-front with you. We’ll work with you to develop a clear plan of action design to achieve your objectives. When we foresee a challenge, we will openly and transparently discuss any potential impact on your project, how your business will be affected, and generate an appropriate action plan. Identifying challenges is easy – we will always offer you solutions.


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