We work within the renewables sector to deliver composites solutions that drive down the cost of energy within areas such as wind, wave, tidal and solar energy.

Composite solutions, such as wind turbine blades and tidal turbine blades fabricated from glass and carbon fibre manufactured with an infusion or prepreg process, are widespread throughout North America, Europe and Asia.  Composites offer an unrivalled cost-benefit ratio within these applications.

These advanced materials enhance performance, improve payback time and reduce the cost of ownership over the life of the renewable generation asset. The outstanding fatigue performance and low maintenance of composite materials within load carrying structures will drive broader adoption in this industry.

STRUCTeam has delivered our full range of services to OEMs and operators within the renewables sector. Notable projects include the delivery of design and engineering services for wind turbine and tidal blades using either carbon fibre or glass fibre technology. Our designs are typically certified through DNV GL guidelines.